Associates of Ellen Grasso & Sons

Ellen Grasso & Sons work with the following people to build houses that feel like home.

Charles Isreal - House Design 


Charles has been commissioned to design houses in Dallas since 1971 and has also designed houses all over the United States, including Hawaii, and in Barbados and Belgium. He graduated with an architecture degree from the University of Colorado in 1970. Charles has designed houses as big as 38,000 SF and as small as 1900 SF in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Since the beginning, Charles has maintained an unlisted phone number and works by referral only. Here's the number: 972-333-5153 (We can be your referral). He considers architecture an art form, with his job being to reflect the homeowner's taste while maintaining architectural integrity. This is a little different from some architects who only draw what they draw, not what the client wants. My clients who choose to use Charles are usually amazed at how well he listens and captures the essence of their desires on the first try.

Charles' strength is in utilizing every square inch of house. His sense of space, including traffic flow, furniture placement, views from room entrances, and view out of windows, etc. is unparalleled. His philosophy is to show the clients the first sketch only when he is happy with it. It's common during construction for me to hear comments like, "Are you sure the square footage is correct? It seems so much bigger."

In the October 2010 issue, D-Home honored Charles by naming one of his designs the "The number one WOW! house in Dallas". All of Charles' clients will tell you that their house is the number one "wow" house!


Greg Pape - Realtor


Greg has been a realtor in the Park Cities/Preston Hollow area for 32 years. He can help in the search for the perfect lot because, not only does he know the market inside and out, but he has a list of people who are going to be in the market to sell. Greg is very professional and willing to help in any way. Greg's number is 214-546-4066